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Surfing & Pregnant

Posted on2019-05-31

Today we are stoked to speak with Margy about surfing and pregnant. She is a Caribbean surf girl waiting for her second daughter. She will share with us a little bit about her experience and how she manages to surf almost 8 months during her pregnancy. 

Margy please, can you tell us a little bit about you?

Hello! I’m from the Dominican Republic a Caribbean island, located it in La Hispaniola. I’m a Surfer by passion, islander, mom, ocean /nature lover, wife, handcrafter and publicist by profession. I started surfing in 2009 and since then I havent stopped, even pregnant.

How it feels surfing and pregnant?

I think surfing when pregnant is safe, as long as the surfer can keep the safe moments. It feels weird but amazing, catching a wave while pregnant is one of the most regarding feelings I’ve ever had!

It's definitely more demanding, but it’s so fulfilling and gratifying that it’s worth doing. Its magic!


How was your first experience with Andreia, could you surf then?

Well, it was my first pregnancy, so I was more cautious, even with surfing experience, i didn't feel confident, I surfed but casual, so I only decided to surf until 4 months or less, but I never stopped going to the beach, always accompanied my husband who is also a surfer. I remember at 6 months pregnant I decide to do stand up paddle on a flat day and it felt good to be in the water after months out. But at 7 almost 8 months pregnant I had complication and my daughter was born early. After birth it feeled like forever, not surfing for almost a year, between pregnancy issues and postpartum periods, it was too much for me.


How is going now with your second daughter?

When I found out that I was pregnant, one of the first things come thru my head was: I can't stop surfing like my first pregnancy, I feel strong and more confidence this time, and questions like how far into the pregnancy could I continue surfing. 

So, I started reading, looking for other surf mamas experience and talked with a surfer-gynecologyst from Spain who surfed all through her pregnancy. I learned about her experience and with that and my intuition I create my own journey. I never stop surfing even people told me to please stop, I went almost every week specially weekdays were almost nobody go surfing, I got to surf twice a week, but everything depended on the conditions (wave size/power), and most importantly: the crowd. What i did in the last trimester, I usually enter swimming while someone enter with my board and gave it to me on the peak. 

I couldn’t knee paddle because i got bigger and the board didn’t feel stable because of my weight. I learned to paddle on my belly with some modifications, I put my weight between my chest and knees, avoiding the pressure on my belly, I don’t know how I did it :)  but that was my way to paddle a wave. Also, my surf sessions tend to be shorter, it's definitely a lot harder to catch waves, couldn't dance like I do (cross stepping, hang 5 and other  maneuvers I used to do), just a normal ride. I didn’t care I was so happy I could surf a bit in my condition, and me and my baby had an absolute blast. 

Right now, my life as a surfer girl has come to a pause, I’m currently 9 months pregnant, my intuition don’t let me go surfing, so its time to rest until my due date, now on June (any day). So stoked and proud of myself!

What are the doctors telling you?

From a medical POV (point of view), doctors will say that pregnant women should exercise, but surfing is never the number one suggestion and it's banned. Thankfully my doctor is open minded, and he knows it is safe to do anything that you did on a regular basis before pregnancy and understood that I was an experienced sport woman (surfer) and gave me green light to keep doing my passion. Of course is a high risk!!. That’s why pregnant surfers should feel 100% sure, comfortable and confident when making the decision to surf. 

It's important to listen the opinion of your doctor, he recently told me to stop and before that my body knew it was time to stop surfing.


What would you recommend to other future mothers?

This is my experience (and probably other surf mamas feel the same), I always say it’s a very personal experience and different for everyone. It’s important to listen to your body, always double check your intuition and talk to your doctor.My recommendation is, not listening to people :p , we know they don't want anything happen to us, but only you know what you are capable to do. Some advice to keep your bump safe and I did:

- Pay attention and listen to your body. 

- Stay away from kooks and crowded spots.

- Know your limitations.

- Consult with your doctor (as I said before).

Be selective and surf small waves.

Short surf sessions.

- Try to avoid falling and if you think it's going to happen fall on your back rather than the belly.

- Have someone to watch you.


These were things that worked for me, your experience may be completely different. Everyone’s body, pregnancy and surfing skills are exclusive. And once again enjoy the ride and this beautiful journey!!

Margy is wearing her Del Sol surf top in Pink&Green. Find more styles ando colors here.

Find Margy on Instagram: @margyz

Pictures: @surfingmanny

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