Aina Renolen

Nickname: Ainakite.

Hometown: Trondheim, Norway

Local break: Don’t really have one, but feel most at home in Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland.

Results: 1st woman Sri Lanka Island hopping 2012, 2nd TT race Norwegian Championships, 7th PKRA Worlds Thailand 2011, 5th KTA Thailand – Asian tour 2013, 5th KTA Thailand 2011.

Quiver: GIN kiteboarding CANNIBAL kites, Brunotti kiteboard, MYSTIC harness.

Best KiteSurf Trip: Brazil 2013, Sri Lanka 2012 and Australia 2011.

Favorite trick: Blind judge, back to blind and frontroll to wrapped.

Longboarding when: I have a long board!

Skating when: Never.

Paddle boarding when: There is no wind!

Yoga when: Someone is convincing me to do it, should definitive do more!

Favorite food: Sushi and Mexican. And my mother in-laws Swiss farm dishes!

Favorite music: Everything with a beat, happy techno and uplifting rock.

Destination of dreams: Everywhere that I haven’t been yet!.


She always wanted to learn a sport where she could be over the average good, but due to a back problem that required her to do a huge surgery 10 years ago, this super strong girl had to stop all her sports for a few years. Without the surgery she would have been in a wheelchair today, but it went perfect and now she lives her everyday life with a metal pole in her spine. Kiteboarding allowed her to push limits and get good, so she kept pushing with her kitesponsor GIN kiteboarding that made everything possible. Even tho she never reached a podium in freestyle yet, she is not done reaching for that goal. This beauty travel the world 80% of the year searching for wind and making kitemovies, doing competitions and having fun doing what she loves, What an example to follow!.


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