Nickname: María

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Local break: La 8, San Juan

My ob is: Running a gym and training kids for gymnastic competition.

Quiver: 5´9 Chilli, 5’7 Raymond Dimension

Best Surf Trip: El Faro Puerto Rico, 2014

Favorite trick: Backhand Snap

Longboarding when: Shortboarding is impossible

Skating when: No waves at all

Paddle boarding when: Haven’t tried it yet

Yoga when: Stretching before and after sessions

Favorite food: Mexican

Favorite music: Rock

Destination of dreams: To many to list


For María, what began as a hobby quickly became a fascination. When she turned down an attractive job offer to coach gymnastics in the U.S., Maria realized surfing had become something she could not give up. Instead she focused on making things happen in Puerto Rico. She became a licensed massage therapist, and she used the extra income to open her gymnastics school. Her participation in gymnastics and surfing, as well as being a business owner, have taught her patience, perseverance and how to keep cool under pressure—tools uses to better her surfing every day.


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